XT3 collection 2017

Viktor Hald Thorup

The Design: The aim was to produce a classy and timeless kit, that looks great on everybody. At the same time I wanted it to symbolize Denmark and the Olympics, which is what I fight for.

We took inspiration from the succesful Ultra-collection, with a shady pattern. The three stribes around the arm and thigh symbolizes the Danish national colors. We decided to put the Olympic rings on the arm, as part of the battle to include Rollerskating in the Olympics, but also my own journey to the Olympic games as an ice skater.

The materials
As always, the best of the best from XT3. The entire kit is made of strechty and breathable materials, which protects you from UV rays. Large endings to ensure comfort. Magneticlock in the zipper, and flatlock stiches to maximize komfort and aerodynamics.

Service and warranty
The materials from XT3 are of such a good quality that you get the clothes with Crash-back. In other words, you get a new set if you break it in a crash.* There is a lifetime warranty on the entire kit!

Collection and prizes (in euros):
bike shorts 115e
bike jersey (short sleeves): 95e
Inline suit 150e
Inline suit with long sleeves and compression 270e
warm-up jacket 115e
kombi-jacket (aftagelige ærmer og vind/vand sikker) 150e
Long sleeves 95e
Extra sleeves 35e
Necktubes 20e**
Socks 20e**

Order through Facebook or viktor.thorup@gmail.com

Viktor Hald Thorup
Viktor Hald Thorup