Viktor Hald Thorup

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Viktor Hald Thorup
Viktor Hald Thorup
Viktor Hald Thorup

XT3 collection 2017

The Design: The aim was to produce a classy and timeless kit, that looks great on everybody. At the same time I wanted it to symbolize Denmark and the Olympics, which is what I fight for.

We took inspiration from the succesful Ultra-collection, with a shady pattern. The three stribes around the arm and thigh symbolizes the Danish national colors. We decided to put the Olympic rings on the arm, as part of the battle to include Rollerskating in the Olympics, but also my own journey to the Olympic games as an ice skater.

The materials
As always, the best of the best from XT3. The entire kit is made of strechty and breathable materials, which protects you from UV rays. Large endings to ensure comfort. Magneticlock in the zipper, and flatlock stiches to maximize komfort and aerodynamics.

Service and warranty
The materials from XT3 are of such a good quality that you get the clothes with Crash-back. In other words, you get a new set if you break it in a crash.* There is a lifetime warranty on the entire kit!

Collection and prizes (in euros):
bike shorts 115e
bike jersey (short sleeves): 95e
Inline suit 150e
Inline suit with long sleeves and compression 270e
warm-up jacket 115e
kombi-jacket (aftagelige ærmer og vind/vand sikker) 150e
Long sleeves 95e
Extra sleeves 35e
Necktubes 20e**
Socks 20e**

Order through Facebook or

Viktor Hald Thorup
Viktor Hald Thorup
Viktor Hald Thorup

Season goals 2017/18

I have received a lot of questions regarding my goals for the upcoming season, so I decided to make a post about it.

To me this season is something very special, not only because it’s the olympics season, but also because it’s my first year as a full-time professional speedskater and a Team Denmark athlete. This also puts a lot of pressure on my shoulders, which luckily isn’t something that bothers me 

Even though the season hasn’t really started yet, Looking at my test races, performance in training, and my physical test results, I have high hopes going into this Olympic season.

My World cup goals and ambitions are:

sub 6:19 on the 5000m distance.
PR on the 1500m and the 10.000m
Masstart podium and overall top 10.
My goals for the Olympic games are:

Top 12 in the 5000m
Top 5 in the Masstart

I am confident going into this winter knowing that i have a strong support from my sponsors, teammates, friends, family and last but not least the strenght to reach my goals!

Bring it on!

Viktor Hald Thorup

Race Calender

7-8/10 – Test race. Masstart and Team Pursuit. Stavanger, Norway.
21-22/10 – Test race. Norwegian Cup. Hamar, Norway.
10-12/11 – World Cup. Heerenveen, Holland.
17-19/11 – World Cup. Stavanger, Norway.
1-3/12 – World Cup. Calgary, Canada.
8-10/12 – World Cup. Salt Lake City, USA.
19-21/1 – World Cup. Erfurt, Germany.
27/1 – Test race. Inzell, Germany.
9-25/2 – The Olympic Games. Pyeongchang, South Korea.
16-18/3 – World Cup Final. Minsk, Belarus.

Viktor Hald Thorup
Viktor Hald Thorup
Viktor Hald Thorup

Spiromagic Spirometer Device

Hi! Here is a resumé of the insights and adaptations, I was able to do during my Olympic season, thanks to the Spiromagic device. The device itself has equal dimensions to an average mobilephone, so I could easily bring it with me on my travels, and mesure my lungs on a daily basis.

For further information on the Spiromagic device:

I have been using/testing with the device since october 2017. The results should be divided into short term and long term variations.

If we start out with the variations throughout the entire season:
During the first weeks i saw rapid general improvements, which I believe to be due to simple adaptation to the device and improved blowing technique. Afterwards, my output slowly improved from 104-107% to 106-109% during november and december. Throughout januar (my very intense training periode, aiming to peak at the Olympics in end february) it raised at a quicker pace. ending at stable numbers 112-113 during my time at the Olympics. I managed to maintain these numbers >110 until the end of my season. (mid march). Afterwards I went on a 3-4 week “break” only training easy session 3-4 times a week. During these weeks, my numbers gradually fell from 112 to 107. Which is my current level.

The FEV1 went from 5,6-5,8 in my pre-season to 6-6,1 in my peak period.

The FEV6 varied a lot from day to day all season, but did not show any significant changes in the different stages of the winter.

Regarding short terms variations:
It is very clear that my lungs perform better in the afternoon compared to morning or noon. Even after hard morning session, I reach higher outputs in the evening. This insight has driven us to put most VO2 Max training sessions in the afternoon, whereas we have previously been cautious, as we feared that I would not have the desired training quality due to fatigue.After intercontinental flights, it usually take 3-4 days, before my numbers are back to normal. Usually it is about 3-4% lower at arrival, improving by one percent per day. Whether this is due to the long fligth, the time difference or the fact that most places have been in high altitude, remains to be explored.

This has been helpful in determining at what point a could continue with my usual training load after travels. After restdays, I tend to underperform, as well as I tend to have 1-2 extra percents right after training session, unless they have been really stressful for the lungs. In these cases, I perform at my average.

Viktor Hald Thorup
Viktor Hald Thorup