Basso bikes

Perfectionism, quality and handmade excellence, is the philosophy that Alcide Basso has imposed to itself since 1977, the year Cicli Basso was founded. The principles that define the brand remain unchanged: Excellent craftsmanship, innovative design, functionality, and top quality materials.


I spend more than half of my training in saddle, therefore it is very important to me, to have the best cycling equipment I can get. Thanks to Basso bikes, I now do! The Danish sales manager preben Bertelsen believes in me, and has decided to help me on my way to becoming a better speedskater, and to maximize my performance i pyeongchang next winter.

carbon hjul

I have two basso bikes for the season. The comfortable Laguna model with shimano 105 for winter rides and travelling, and then the brand new 2017 top model Diamante SV, with electronic gears and Microtech carbon wheelset. It’s an aero bicycle frame, but yet comfortable.


You can view the whole basso collection on their website

Peugeot Slagelse/Ringsted

Peugeot Slagelse/Ringsted is one of the key factors in optimizing my training quality. They have supported me with a brand new 208 sponsorcar.


The new 208 is a wonderful car! It saves me from a lot of time and money. It drives more than 30 km/l, and yet I can easily fit me luggage and bicycle in the trunk.


Peugeot Slagelse/Ringsted and its owner Brian Madsen surely knows how to take good care of its customers. If you’re looking for a new car, I hardly recommend to pay them a visit. Lovely cars and very helpful personel. Brian has been an athlete himself, so he knows what it takes, and how much his support means to me.

Thanks a lot for the help!

Look up their facebook page here

Hoka one one

Hoka One One are producing some of the best runningshoes on the market. They are amongst the most liked shoes of marathon and ultra runners these days.


I have had the pleasure of wearing the Clifton 2.0 model for a whole season now, and I have been surprised by its quality. Performance meets comfort in a modern design. They come in different colors for every taste, so I’m sure everybody can find what they are looking for at Hoka.



Hoka is especially known for its ability to absorb the shocks we feel when running, and is thus a perfect choice if you are new to running, or if you wanna make sure to stay away from injuries.

Danish website
For more info :)

Bliz/Future Denmark

Bliz/Future Denmark

Bliz eyewear is a World known sunglasses manufactor, and my sponsor for more than 2 years now. Thanks to them I can always be fast and stylish, whether it’s in private, at training, or when I’m competing.

Bliz Logo Bliz +4

Bliz is always up to date when it comes to design and technology. They recently launched the ULS lences, that adapt to the brightness, to secure the optimal visibility for its carrier. This spring they’ll come out with their first aero-helmet, and I can’t wait to try it out!



I invite you all to check out their cool products on the Bliz website



I am very proud and happy that Bliz has me covered when it comes to both eyewear and protection all the way to PyeongChang 2018. Thanks!

XT3 Sportswear

XT3 and its founder Tomas Mygind, were some of the first, to believe in me and my potential as a speedskater. They have showed loyal support in numerous ways for a long time. They let me skate, bike and run in their high quality sportswear, print logos on my sponsorcar, produces my fanposters, support me economically and much more! The latest addition to our partnership will be the release of my very own “Viktor Thorup XT3 collection”, which will be out for sale before we reach the summer :)

XT3 pose

Since I tried my first XT3 skinsuit back in 2015, I haven’t looked back. They are supperior to everything else I’ve tried in both comfort and performance.

XT3 stand pose med Katrine

XT3 produces custom sportswear for cycling, inline or triathlon clothing for teams and clubs all over the country. They offer awesome services such as Crash-back, 4-6 weeks delivery, no minimum order and much more which you can read about on their facebook page

Pro Rainjacket

Don’t hesitate to message me on my fb page for more information on the XT3 products.

Slagelse Talent & Elite

Slagelse municipality og Slagelse Talent & Elite

The city of Slagelse has meant a lot to me ever since I was born. This is where I grew up and began skating in the local club Slagelse Inline Club.

Since then, an amazing project called Slagelse Talent & Elite has been started. It gives high school students the opportunity to study an practise sports at a very high level, at the same time. Even though I missed this great offer, I still have the chance to be involved as an ambassador for Slagelse Talent & Elite. Slagelse supports me economically to help me accomplish my goals on the ice!


If you are curious to know more about the new sportscollege or the high school program, check out their facebook page or Website

Foredrag – Eliteliv og Sportsernæring

I løbet af det sidste halve år er jeg begyndt at holde foredrag om hvad det vil sige at være Elite og om hvordan man kan sikre sig en sund og nærende kost uden at leve efter en streng diæt eller sige farvel til sine guilty pleasures.

Jeg har allerede haft fornøjelsen af at give mere end 10 foredrag for forskellige klubber, foreninger, institutioner og firmaer. Jeg har fået rigtig god feedback, og nyder at dele ud af den erfaring jeg har erhvervet mig gennem min sport og uddannelse.

Odsherred efterskole

Jeg har som udgangspunkt to forskellige foredrag; “Eliteliv” og “Sund kost? – et spørgsmål om timing”

Eliteliv er fortællingen om hvordan jeg, på trods af min opvækst i et land uden skøjtebaner eller kultur, har formået at blive blandt verdenseliten i hurtigløb på skøjter. Jeg fortæller om hvordan man er herre over at give sig selv de bedste rammer og forudsætninger for at lykkes med de projekter man sætter sig for at gennemføre. Efterfølgende belyser jeg begrebet “Elite”, hvor jeg vil forsøge at definere hvad der gør en til elite, indenfor det felt man arbejder i. Hvad enten det er studie-, familie-, sports-, eller arbejdslivet det gælder.

Sund kost?- er et foredrag om hvordan man kan optimere sin kost og leve sundere, helt uden at skære ned på det “usunde”, men istedet spise den rigtige kost på de rigtige tidspunkter. Ved at highligthe fordelene og ulemperne ved forskellige madvarer, vil jeg gøre deltagerne mere opmærksomme på hvor stor en fordel eller ulempe kosten kan være for atleter såvel som helt almindelige mennesker.

Løgumkloster distriktskole

Begge foredrag kan gennemføres på dansk, engelsk eller fransk.

Kunne du eller din forening være interesseret i at få mig forbi til et foredrag, så kan i få fat i mig på min mail: , på tlf. +4593950330 eller på facebook


Personal coaching on a new level

Some months ago, I announced that I would be offering personal coaching to inlineskaters. This has turned out to be a great succes! I truly enjoy helping and following the athletes that I have the honour to be coaching. Besides teaching my athletes how to become better, I also learn a lot from it myself. Both when it comes to improve my own training, but also how to improve my way of coaching others.

I realized that personalization is an even more important factor, than I already thought it to be, therefore I decided to offer some extra benefits for my personal coaching group!

From now on, I will organsize some special workshops (approximately once a month) to work on different technical aspects of inline skating. Some of these workshops will be open for other skaters as well! More info coming soon!

Secondly, I discovered how usefull a tool, video demonstrations can be!

That’s why I have created a huge private youtube database, with tons of video explanations of exercises and training programs in both inlineskating, offskate, weight lifting, and core training for all my atletes.

These are targeted my personal coaching group, but when I have enough material of descent quality, I will throw together a video for public use… Until then, enjoy the teasers on youtube, such as my “10 ways to plank” video below. Remember, you can subscribe to my youtube channel, and be notified whenever I post a new video :)

If you take a look at my youtube channel , You’ll find that I have already shared lots of similar videos 😉

Don’t hesitate to contact me through my facebook page for more info!

Thanks for reading!

New national record 3:46

New national record 3:46

Here is another update from the last week of my stay in Inzell, during which I participated in the second of my three pre-season test races.

After 3 heavy days on the ice we took it “easy” prior to the competition. On thursday we only had two hours on the bike due to the very low temperatures and the rain. Friday was a long raceprep. Followed up by an hour in the saddle with some short intervals midway, to shake the legs a bit.



During these days I had a little more time off, which I spent with my Swedish friend David Andersson, the guys from the team and some of the juniors from the Danish team. It was kind of nice to socialize a bit and take the mind off the skating, it usually helps me to be even more concentrated once I get back on the ice.

The junior team

The junior team

Hammertime! The racing started in the afternoon, so I went for a solo jog in the morning. This was a good opportunity for me to think the races through, and point out some technical details I could work on.

The 3k turned out to be really fast! I set a time of 3:46. More than 4 seconds faster than my previous national record from last year. The race wasn’t perfect though. I mistimed my opening, so I had to slow down and wait for my pair mate to pass on the second straight, which made my first lap about a half second slower than the next ones. In the last turn, I felt like giving it a little extra, but instead I missed a step and clocked the slowest lap of the race. Nevertheless, my shape proved to be on point, skating solid laptimes after a hard week.

The junior team filmed and commented the whole race. Watch it here: 3000m

We also did a post interview. Watch it here: Post 3k interview

On sunday, I participated in the 1500m. The race went as I had hoped for and the time of 1:51″2 was as I expected. My opening is still a bit too slow, and I dropped a little to much in the last 400m, but those things will come before things get serious 😉

Immediately after the races, we did some painful offskate exercises at the rink. It was very hard, but our coach Sondre gave us a motivational speak, which helped out. Here is the program, which we did five times:

Once we were done with the offskate, Sverre and I hit the road for an easy spin. Nice way to finish off a good weekend, chatting with a good friend on the bike.

Recovery ride with Sverre

Recovery ride with Sverre

When I came back to the hotel and saw all the greeting and wishes after my race on facebook, I was really happy. It’s surprising how much that can boost motivation! Thanks everybody!

On monday we biked to Austria and back. 93km in 3 hours, is hard when you reach 1000m of elevation.

In the evening we head out for pizzas at Massimos, our preferred pizzeria in Inzell. Everybody could chill a bit, talk about everything but skating, and refuel for the next days.

Pizza night

Pizza night

The next day we had 4 times, 12 minutes on the ice, and a weight session.

Wednesday was our last day, and to finish off, Sondre gave us the hardest session of the whole camp. First some 20 laps tempos, and then 3 times 6 laps of 29-27 laptimes. This might have been my best day on ice ever. I managed to push hard all the way and keep my technique together even though my legs were heavy.

After lunch, I had the time for a chat with Elena from the team. We crossed for a few minutes as well when I got here, but still looking forward to catch up with her when I return to Inzell next week, for my final 5k preparation race.

The junior team gave me a ride to munich airport, where I’m just about to board for Copenhagen. Finally going home to my girlfriend, who I’ll be celebrating tomorrow, as she has just been granted permission to the studies of her dreams :)

Thanks for reading!