Race Calender!


Here is my 2017/18 Race calender:

7-8/10 – Test race. Masstart and Team Pursuit. Stavanger, Norway.

21-22/10 – Test race. Norwegian Cup. Hamar, Norway.

10-12/11 – World Cup. Heerenveen, Holland.

17-19/11 – World Cup. Stavanger, Norway.

1-3/12 – World Cup. Calgary, Canada.

8-10/12 – World Cup. Salt Lake City, USA.

19-21/1 – World Cup. Erfurt, Germany.

27/1 – Test race. Inzell, Germany.

9-25/2 – The Olympic Games. Pyeongchang, South Korea.

16-18/3 – World Cup Final. Minsk, Belarus.



Season goals 2017/18

I have received a lot of questions regarding my goals for the upcoming season, so I decided to make a post about it :)

To me this season is something very special, not only because it’s the olympics season, but also because it’s my first year as a full-time professional speedskater and a Team Denmark athlete. This also puts a lot of pressure on my shoulders, which luckily isn’t something that bothers me :)

Even though the season hasn’t really started yet, Looking at my test races, performance in training, and my physical test results, I have high hopes going into this Olympic season.

My World cup goals and ambitions are:

  • sub 6:19 on the 5000m distance.
  • PR on the 1500m and the 10.000m
  • Masstart podium and overall top 10.

My goals for the Olympic games are:

  • Top 12 in the 5000m
  • Top 5 in the Masstart


I am confident going into this winter knowing that i have a strong support from my sponsors, teammates, friends, family and last but not least the strenght to reach my goals!

Bring it on!


XT3 collection 2017

Dragt korte ærmer

The Design: The aim was to produce a classy and timeless kit, that looks great on everybody. At the same time I wanted it to symbolize Denmark and the Olympics, which is what I fight for.
We took inspiration from the succesful Ultra-collection, with a shady pattern. The three stribes around the arm and thigh symbolizes the Danish national colors. We decided to put the Olympic rings on the arm, as part of the battle to include Rollerskating in the Olympics, but also my own journey to the Olympic games as an ice skater.

The materials:

As always, the best of the best from XT3. The entire kit is made of strechty and breathable materials, which protects you from UV rays. Large endings to ensure comfort. Magneticlock in the zipper, and flatlock stiches to maximize komfort and aerodynamics.

Service and warranty

The materials from XT3 are of such a good quality that you get the clothes with Crash-back. In other words, you get a new set if you break it in a crash.* There is a lifetime warranty on the entire kit!

Collection and prizes (in euros):
bike shorts 115e
bike jersey (short sleeves): 95e
Inline suit 150e
Inline suit with long sleeves and compression 270e
warm-up jacket 115e
kombi-jacket (aftagelige ærmer og vind/vand sikker) 150e
Long sleeves 95e
Extra sleeves 35e
Necktubes 20e**
Socks 20e**

Order through facebook: or viktor.thorup@gmail.com

Jersey korte ærmer


**:Socks and necktubes are only available if large interest!
*: Except for inline and licensed cycling.

XT3 collection 2017!

Så er min helt egen XT3 kollektion endelig på gaden!

Dragt korte ærmer


Målet med Kollektionen var at lave et stilrent og tidsløst kit, som ser lækkert ud på alle. Samtidigt skulle det også symbolisere Danmark og OL, som er det jeg personligt kæmper for.

Vi lod os inspirere af den succesfulde ultra-serie og valgte den samme sorte baggrund, dog med et lille mønster. De tre striber om lår og arm symboliserer naturligvis det danske flag. Vi har taget OL ringene med om overarmen, de sidder der både som et slag i kampen for at gøre inlineskating til en Olympisk sport, men også for at symbolisere min personlige rejse mod OL på isskøjter.


Det er som altid de bedste materialer fra XT3. Hele sættet er lavet i stræk- og åndbart materiale, som samtidigt beskytter mod UV-stråler. Elastikkerne er brede, så de ikke strammer, uden at flagre. Lynlåsen sidder på fronten for at optimere aerodynamikken, og kraven er cuttet af, af samme grund. Lynlåsene er magnetic-lock, så de ikke bevæger sig eller irriterer og så er det med flatlock syninger for maksimal komfort og aerodynamic.

Service og garanti:

XT3’s materialer er af så høj kvalitet at de sælges med Crash-Back. Hvis du styrter og ødelægger tøjet, vil du altså modtage nyt!* Dette er noget helt unikt ved XT3’s service. Der er livstidsgaranti på hele sættet, så du behøver ikke frygte for at lynlåsen sidder fast eller at syningerne går op.

Kollektionen består af:

Cykelbukser 850kr
Cykeltrøje (korte ærmer) 700kr
Inline dragt 1100kr
Inline dragt med lange ærmer og kompression 2300kr
jakke 850kr
kombi-jakke (aftagelige ærmer og vind/vand sikker) 1100kr
Lange tights med seler 700kr
Løse ærmer 250kr
Hals-varmere 125kr*
Strømper 140kr*

Bestillinger modtages gennem facebook eller gmail: viktor.thorup@gmail.com

**:Strømper og halsvarmere er kun ved stor interesse!

*: Gælder ikke inline og licenscykling.

Jersey korte ærmer


Hotel Frederik den 2.

The finest hotel you find in Slagelse! My most recent sponsordeal was made with Hotel F d.II. They have decided to boost my preparation for the Olympics with financial support.


The hotel is located right next to the highway, and only few minutes from the center of town. It has 72 rooms, which can all be used as doublerooms. It’s a natural choice to get some rest when travelling from the east to the west of Denmark.


I have had the pleasure to visit the hotel myself many times through the years, on different occasions ranging from family birthdays to award-nights.

Find out more or book your room on their webpage fr2.dk


Larsen El Automatik

Larsen El Automatik is a small company, which offers programming, troubleshooting, optimization, maintainance and service of smaller or larger industrial machinery.LE-tshirt-tryk


The owner, and my personal friend, Carsten Lienhøft Larsen has followed me for many years in his position as chairman of Slagelse inline klub.


I appreciate his support and financial contribution to my journey!

larsen el


Myprotein.com is the world’s no. 1 online sports nutrition brand. They have an endless range of products to meet every need. From innovative flavourings to simple, pure ingredients, they won’t let you compromise on your nutrition.

On average, Myprotein launches a new product every single week of the year, so their ranges are constantly growing and advancing!



I’ve been writing articles on training and nutrition, for the danish Myprotein blog for about half a year, check it out here



Myprotein supports me with supplements and clothing. In addition, they also contribute with 8% of the earnings they make through the links I have shared :)

Take a look at there best products here


Altan is Denmarks number one balcony company. The company was started when I was just born back in 1994. Since then it has grown to become the leading balcony company in Denmark with no less than 162 employees.


The main office is located in the city of Sorø, where I currently live, and it’s a great feeling to be reminded that they support me towards the Olympics, everytime I cross the headquarter on my bikerides.


The founder of the company Peter Knudsen, doesn’t just help me living my dream, but is also engaged in other charity matters both locally, nationally and internationally.

Big thanks to Altan and Alevator for their financial support!

Check Altan out on facebook

Sportigan Slagelse

Sportigan Slagelse is a recently started business, but with lots of experience.
They print sponsorlogo and names on all my clothes. They have worked with sports and customer service for many years, and you definitely find answers to your questions when you go there.


The shop/office is located in Slagelse. Here, you can also find different supplements for your training, sportswear, and running/training footwear.


I feel lucky and good knowing that the guys from sportigan take care of printing all my logos on all kinds of outfit. Thanks


Find contact details and more info on The Sportigan Slagelse facebook page

Basso bikes

Perfectionism, quality and handmade excellence, is the philosophy that Alcide Basso has imposed to itself since 1977, the year Cicli Basso was founded. The principles that define the brand remain unchanged: Excellent craftsmanship, innovative design, functionality, and top quality materials.


I spend more than half of my training in saddle, therefore it is very important to me, to have the best cycling equipment I can get. Thanks to Basso bikes, I now do! The Danish sales manager preben Bertelsen believes in me, and has decided to help me on my way to becoming a better speedskater, and to maximize my performance i pyeongchang next winter.

carbon hjul

I have two basso bikes for the season. The comfortable Laguna model with shimano 105 for winter rides and travelling, and then the brand new 2017 top model Diamante SV, with electronic gears and Microtech carbon wheelset. It’s an aero bicycle frame, but yet comfortable.


You can view the whole basso collection on their website