I have received a lot of questions regarding my goals for the upcoming season, so I decided to make a post about it :)

To me this season is something very special, not only because it’s the olympics season, but also because it’s my first year as a full-time professional speedskater and a Team Denmark athlete. This also puts a lot of pressure on my shoulders, which luckily isn’t something that bothers me :)

Even though the season hasn’t really started yet, Looking at my test races, performance in training, and my physical test results, I have high hopes going into this Olympic season.

My World cup goals and ambitions are:

  • sub 6:19 on the 5000m distance.
  • PR on the 1500m and the 10.000m
  • Masstart podium and overall top 10.

My goals for the Olympic games are:

  • Top 12 in the 5000m
  • Top 5 in the Masstart


I am confident going into this winter knowing that i have a strong support from my sponsors, teammates, friends, family and last but not least the strenght to reach my goals!

Bring it on!